Wholesale & Retail

Serving both professional chefs and seafood aficionados.

Many of America’s leading chefs and restauranteurs rely on Gullo Specialty Foods to deliver the finest octopus and cuttlefish directly to their kitchens. By choosing us as their supplier, they know that their patrons will leave their restaurants satisfied and impressed by their delicious creations. Furthermore, they know they can rely on us to deliver exactly what they need, when they need it — fresh, on-time and backed by our personal guarantee of excellence.

And now, with the opening of our online store, home chefs, foodies and seafood lovers can get the same superior quality products delivered directly to their home. Order today and start cooking tomorrow.

All our of our delicious octopus and cuttlefish is sushi grade and caught in the wild.

If you are a chef or restaurateur and are interested in purchasing our great products please contact:
Gullo Specialty food: 516.938.0243 or 516.780.2774 •  frankg@gulloseafood.com.
Steve “Octoman” Fried: 917-655 0908 • octomannyc@gmail.com

Look for the Gullo Specialty Foods truck delivering fresh, tenderized octopus and cuttlefish across Long Island and New York City! Looking to stock our products in your store? Call us at 516-938-0243.