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The finest octopus and cuttlefish in the world.

Our focus is quality, sustainability and education. Gullo is the leader in importing and distributing 100% sushi grade tenderized octopus and cuttlefish caught directly from the wild. With the worlds’ best chefs as our spokespersons, there is little argument that we procure the most pristine octopus and cuttlefish on the planet, 100% guaranteed!!!.

But you don’t need to be a famous chef to make great octopus. You just have to use the same product: Gullo! Place your order today through our online store and start cooking tomorrow. You won’t be disappointed. You can also buy our products directly from our retail partners, Whole Foods in the Northeast, Boston to NJ, the Rocky Mountains and Northern California or at Agata, and Valentina in NYC, as well as all Citarella locations in The Hamptons and Connecticut.

Tenderizing makes the difference.

Our secret is tenderization. Using sea salt, cold water and a tumbler, this natural process is void of any chemicals or additives. Tenderization breaks down the octopus’ muscles causing the octopus to “flower.” Flower octopus is when the tentacles curl up in a flower shape. Gullo tenderized octopus offers a 70 – 90% yield, depending on the size. In comparison, non-tenderized tray octopus only provides a 50% yield rate. Gullo octopus can be stored at -0 degrees and will last up to two years allowing it to be thawed and re-frozen without sacrificing the texture or taste.

Sepia is likened to calamari but much more rich and tender. We tenderize sepia using the same tenderizing technique. The sepia lasts up to two years and can be thawed but not re-frozen. Gullo sepia can be served raw – to enjoy its naturally sweet and delicate flavor, or can be grilled a la plancha for a deeper taste and texture.

Gullo is a one of a kind, family run company selling a one of a kind product line. Try us. You won’t be disappointed. No matter which way you serve it –, raw, boiled, grilled, sautéed, skewered, – we guarantee it won’t be long before you are asking for seconds. No matter how it is eaten, we guarantee product satisfaction.