Our Family

A tradition of love, passion and great seafood.

Family owned and operated Gullo Specialty Foods began with one family’s simple love for seafood. Based out of Long Island, New York, our goal is to provide the finest tenderized octopus in the United States, directly from the coasts of Spain and Portugal. Gullo is reliable. We offer the most consistent and highest quality octopus and sepia.

Our family roots trace back to Sicily, where our story and love for octopus began. Frequent childhood memories involve mom boiling it and serving it cut up into small bites like popcorn, with fresh lemon.

As years passed beyond the childhood days, owner Frank Gullo set out to bring that same Spanish octopus to the United States. After a lengthy search, Frank’s standards were met and Gullo was formed.

Production at the warehouse starts everyday at 3:00am. While the world is sleeping, we are tenderizing. Every product that leaves the facility gets our personal seal of approval.

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