5 Reasons to Choose Gullo

5 Reasons to Choose Gullo Seafood

If you’re reading this, chances are you are interested in octopus. Whether acquiring it for your restaurant or store, or simply looking for ideas your next party — we believe we have the best octopus in the world. Here are 5 reasons why we believe you should choose Gullo.
  1. Quality
    • We source our octopus from the coasts or Portugal and Spain, where conditions are ideal for producing the best Grade A, Sushi Quality Octopus. We choose only the best of the best from these sources.
  2. Tenderization
    • We’ve developed a proprietary tenderization process that takes octopus to a whole new level in taste, presentation and yeild. There’s simply nothing like a Gullo octopus.
  3. Freshness
    • We offer some of the fastest delivery and shipping in the business and our attention to detail in both packing and shipping assures you of freshness and quality.
  4. Focus
    • We are fully focused on octopus. We’re one of the few — if only — companies in America who is soley focused on octopus. As a matter of fact, 99% of our business is just octopus!
  5. Family
    • Were a proud family business. We’re dedicated  to treating you like family and giving you the personal attention you deserve as a Gullo customer. We stand behind the quality of our products 100%.