The Best Octopus Distributor

Every day, we strive to be the best octopus distributor in America.

We may not be the biggest, but every day we strive to be the best octopus distributor in the United States. That quest starts with sourcing the finest sushi-grade octopus money can buy. We’ve scoured the entire world to find octopus and that has the perfect texture, and a clean, complex flavor that America’s most prestigious chefs demand. That product is found off the coasts of Portugal and Spain, where climate and water quality combine to sustain a large population of delicious octopus.

However, it takes more than just great raw product to be the best octopus distributor in America. Our proprietary tenderizing process is a finishing touch that takes an already superior product and makes it even better by breaking down muscle fibers to create a texture that few, if any can match.

Once we finish tenderizing, we flash freeze the octopus to seal in all its delicious natural flavor and deliver it to you via UPS overnight. We sell both wholesale and retail, so major stores, families and foodies alike can experience our world class octopus.

As a small, family-owned business, our name, reputation and customers are very important to us. We welcome your questions and suggestions and invite you to try what we think is the best octopus the world has to offer. Contact us today: 516-938-0243

Why tenderize octopus?

Octopus is an excellent source of nutrients and protein, but unlike land-based animals, there is little or no fat to help create meat that is juicy and tender, with a tender, satisfying texture. And because octopus is mostly muscle fiber, it is essential that these fibers are broken down in order to create a mouthwatering final product – that’s where the tenderizing process comes in. We use the purest ice cold water, high quality sea salt and tumble the octopus gently until it passes our stringent visual inspection. We believe this process creates the best octopus you can find.

Best octopus distributor
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